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EV Commercial Charger Installation Cheshire 

EV Commercial Charger Installation Cheshire 

EV Commercial Charger Installation 

If you're one of the growing number of people who have made the switch to electric vehicles, you know that finding a place to charge your car can be a challenge. That's why Titan Electrical Services is proud to offer our commercial electric vehicle charging installation service. We can install a charging station in your business, so you can always have a place to charge your employees cars. 

Why do I need an EV Charging port? 

Prevention of electrical hazards 

When you connect your car directly to the grid, it can be dangerous. When a battery becomes too charged and conducts electricity through its leads for long periods of time (like 10 hours), they become very hot because there is no protection against this type of heat production in an EV setting. 

Manage your Charging 

Most cars today come with a mode 2 charging cable, which is simple and safe. But there's one big disadvantage: you can't charge your car at fast rates because of its connection to the grid; if something happens while it’s being charged like an emergency situation or long period where no one uses their vehicle for transportation purposes such as vacations abroad then all power might go out. 

Save Money 

You can manage your charging with an app on the phone, so you know when to stop and how much power is left in order save money. 

Well trained and experienced electricians who can install an EV charging station in your home or business. 

We will assess your needs, design a system that meets them, then properly wire it so you can always charge your car when needed. Our systems are designed for maximum efficiency and safety, protecting both you and the people around you. We also offer comprehensive service and support, so you can always rely on us for help when needed. 
Our electric vehicle charging installation service is available throughout the North West. If you're in North Wales, Cheshire or Greater Manchester and are looking for a place to charge your car, contact us today! Our professional electricians will make sure your charging station is installed quickly and correctly, so you can start using it right away. 
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